About our community

There is a Church so small and sweet,
It isn't in a noisy town but in a quiet street,
And there so many people go
Their dearest ones to greet.

They go and find that peace is there,
When they are sad and life is bare
Of all the joys they used to know,
When these they loved were here below.

A hand that knows the subtle art
Of placing flowers to play their part,
Has added to the beauty there
And made it all so glad and fair

H. A. Horsgood.

Picture We are a small but friendly church, and it is not just the church that is full off character. You will find a warm welcome and made to feel at home. It is like a second home to many of us, and you are made to feel you have a whole new family. With the trustees there to answer any questions you may have, and the helpers who give their time to make sure our other needs are met, like making our church beautiful with fresh flowers, and ending the services with a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits, and of course friendly conversation.

After every service, free healing is offered by qualified church healers. We have our own local mediums serving our church as well as inviting mediums from outside the area. We run regular workshops and open days where you can book a private reading.


  • Steve Maris - Treasurer
  • Kerry Knapman (Co-opted Secretary)
  • Janice Woodley (Co-opted)
  • Anne-Louise Ilsey (Co-opted)
  • Colin Field
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